Remote Support 22.3.1 Release Notes

October 4, 2022


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for Physical BeyondTrust Appliances, Virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • RS 22.3.1 requires software Base 6.2.0.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Click-to-chat functionality is now enabled by default on new Remote Support sites.
  • Global search for settings and sections is now available in /login
  • Web rep console now supports RDP file transfer.
  • Web rep console now supports dark mode.
  • We have added the ability to disable/control how Jump Clients upgrade. Disabling automatic upgrades will require the Jump Client to update before a session will start.
  • Jump Clients can now connect through Atlas environment traffic nodes.
  • The personal Vault account limit has been increased to 50.
  • Command shell display settings. Users can now change their font, color, and size of displayed text.
  • Linux Jumpoints now support VNC.
  • Headless Linux Jumpoints and Jump Clients now include an optional system template file to aid in easier system service creation.
  • Vault discovery jobs now detect any changes in the read-only attributes from previously imported accounts or endpoints and automatically update their data.
  • Existing Jump Clients can now be used to start ad hoc sessions rather than forcing another customer client download.
  • Vault users now have the option to fix any out-of-sync management credentials via the new wrench icon on the Domains page.
  • Made improvements to Shell Jump file transfer speed.
  • Made improvements to Command shell logging.
  • Made improvements to RDP Clipboard file transfer from the endpoint machine to the user’s machine.
  • Outbound Events Improvements:
    • Improved the retry logic for outbound events.
    • Added a column on the Outbound Events page that shows a count of queued events as well as relevant errors.
  • Configuration API additions and enhancements:
    • Security Providers:
      API CallDescription
      GET security-provider <id>Returns all attributes of a security provider matching with given <id>.
      DELETE security-provider <id> /samlRemoves existing Available Groups from a SAML provider matching with given <id>.
      PATCH security-provider <id>Updates attributes of a provider with the given <id>.

For 22.3, only the available_groups attribute for SAML providers is supported. Attempting to update attributes on non-SAML providers or attempting to update any other attribute besides available_groups will result in an error response.

Issues Resolved:

Administrative Interface

  • Reporting
    • Resolved issue with the Vault Reporting page Back to Search sometimes not saving the search criteria.
  • Support Portal
    • Now doing simple URL validation for SAML public portal providers.
    • Resolved issue with spaces and other special characters that caused session keys to be returned as invalid.
  • Vault:
    • Now only reports endpoints that RS can connect to during discovery.
    • Resolved issue with upgrading the site while rotation retry attempts were not complete.
    • Resolved issue with scheduled rotation failing when there were a large number of expired accounts.
    • Resolved issue with discovery failing with large numbers of OUs.
  • Chatbot
    • Resolved issue in which the customer information was not being forwarded correctly to the Chatbot Virtual Customer.
  • Text Updates
    • Updated the Help text for RDP Jump Items to include the lossless video format.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The Jump Client Global connection rate for Jump Clients option has been moved from the Upgrade section to the Miscellaneous section.
    • Resolved issue with various search boxes in /login not filtering the percent (%) character correctly.
    • Resolved issue with LastPass preventing the saving of fields on certain pages.
    • We now prompt to overwrite existing canned scripts if the name already exists.
    • Resolved issue with the Jump Client Statistics Update Interval not always saving correctly.


  • Rep Console
    • Various dark mode tweaks.
    • Resolved issue in which the wrong error message was displayed when the rep console needed to be redownloaded from /login.
    • Resolved a graphical issue with selecting the System Info tab first after starting a session.
    • Sorting by installed on is now disabled on the System Info > Programs tab as per Microsoft’s recommendation of the data in that field.
    • Resolved issue with Ctrl + character key combinations during screen sharing with the endpoint system using a Hebrew keyboard.
  • Web Rep Console
    • Resolved issue with long names not formatting correctly in the columns of the web rep console.
    • Resolved issue in which unassociated accounts were not working properly during credential injection in the web rep console.
  • Click-to-Chat
    • Resolved issue in which click-to-chat prompted for a name when a name was already entered on the support portal.
  • Jump Client
    • Resolved issue with Jump Client silent uninstall displaying a window during uninstall.
  • Shell Jump
    • Made Shell Jump session performance and responsiveness improvements.
  • Mac
    • Resolved issue that occured when a rep running Windows pressed the Insert key, which caused the customer session running on a Mac to enter Mac Help Mode.
    • Resolved issue with the Support Button on Macs not showing the correct version information.
    • Resolved issue with the MacBook Touch Bar being disabled during screen sharing sessions.
  • RDP
    • Resolved issue with a timeout error being displayed prematurely displayed if the user waited more than 30 seconds to accept a certificate warning.