Android Customer Client 2.2.18+ Release Notes

July 28, 2022


Due to a new Google policy for apps submitted to the Play Store, the file transfer feature has been removed from the Android Customer Client app that is submitted to the Google Play Store.

As a workaround for our customers that must have the file transfer feature, we now have the Android Customer Client 2.2.18+ app, a separate app which is managed by BeyondTrust Support.

For the release Android Customer Client 2.2.18 release notes, please see Android Customer Client 2.2.18 Release Notes.

For more information on the file transfer feature, please see File Transfer To and From the Android Device.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which the Play Store would incorrectly flag some devices as incompatible.
  • Resolved issue with File Transfer that occurred only when the device was connected on cellular.
  • Resolved issue with Customer Agreements being enabled, causing sessions to not connect to the rep on some devices.
  • Android customer client will now let the rep console know when to display a hand pointer during screen sharing.
  • Resolved issue in which Knox screen sharing was sometimes stretched.


The BeyondTrust Android Customer Client 2.2.18 works with:

  • Android devices running 6.0 or later.
  • Existing BeyondTrustRemote Support installations, version 19.1 or later.
  • BeyondTrust Android Customer Client 2.2.18 uses ThinClient Protocol 2.2.


  • The Android Customer Client 2.2.18 is available from BeyondTrust Support.


  • The BeyondTrust Android Customer Client 2.2.18+ APK SHA256 checksum is: b84648076510254e8a33f3723e84ae0abecb6860554a7b9c619f45f1892b4628