Remote Support 22.2.2 Release Notes

May 31, 2022


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for Physical BeyondTrust Appliances, Virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • RS 22.2.2 requires software Base 6.2.0.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Password Safe Integration, Phase 2.
    • Multiple Jumpoints can now be utilized with External Jump Items.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration, v2.
  • Added Apple silicon support.
  • Added lossless video support.
  • Added option to display session chat translation dropdown menu on the public portal, if GeoFluent real-time chat translations are enabled.
  • Vault configurable password length now allows administrators to define the password length requirements for Windows local, domain, and Azure AD accounts currently managed by Vault.
  • Syslog reports can now be downloaded from /login.
  • Vault > Endpoints page now lets users configure which columns are displayed.
  • Vault Discovery:
    • Search has been added to Vault Discovery.
    • The operating system is now included in Discovery results.
    • Distinguished Name of Endpoint now included in Discovery results.
  • Search filters have been added to the Jump Groups page.
  • Screenshot capabilities have been added to the web access console.
  • Session anonymization improvements allow sessions to be anonymized multiple times.
  • Added a notification animation when deleting a traffic node from an Atlas configuration.
  • The Copy Jump Item API has been updated to allow the name of the new Jump Item to be specified and also returns the new Jump Item’s ID.
  • The chat bot API now supports session elevation, to improve bot-to-representative hand-off for faster support and to provide more granular options for session initiation.
  • Reverted the Jump Client System Tray icon back to the previous image.
  • Configuration API additions and enhancements:
    • Group Policy:
      • GET group-policy
      • GET group-policy <id>
      • POST group-policy
      • PATCH group-policy <id>

Important Information for This Release:

This update removes support for Jumpoint and desktop rep console installs on Windows 7, Win7POS, and Server 2012 and 2012R2.

Issues Resolved:

Administrative Interface

  • Reporting
    • Resolved issue with the Jump Item name sometimes not showing up in session reports.
    • Resolved issue with License Usage reports sometimes not being accurate.
    • Resolved issue with downloading the License Usage report in Excel 2007+ format.
    • Resolved issue with Jump Item report missing some events.
  • API
    • API version updated to 1.22.2.
  • Vault
    • Resolved issue with Jump Client discovery not showing a toast message when discovery finished.
    • Resolved issue with editing the name or hostname of an endpoint not updating the associated RDP Jump Items.
    • Resolved issue with sometimes getting a Credentials Invalid error message when the ECM failed to respond.
    • Resolved issue that would sometimes cause performance problems on the appliance after doing an import or rotation in Vault.
  • Group Policies
    • Resolved issue with group polices disabling extended availability.
  • Text Updates
    • Resolved issue with Web Jump being mentioned on the Jumpoint page of a Remote Support site.
    • Updated the text of the user’s reporting permission to View Only Their Events.
    • Corrected a typo for Appliance on the /login > Management > Cluster page.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Resolved issue with the Management > Site Configuration > HTTP Site address box not highlighting after being selected.
    • Resolved issue with the Rep Status name appearing blank on the /login > Support Team page.
    • The Days to keep Jump Item Logging Information permission has been moved to the Management > Security page.
    • Resolved issue with resetting the admin account not clearing the MFA settings.
    • Resolved issue in which the ACH Credential Provider only supported one active customer client.
    • ClickOnce has been deprecated and disabled.


  • Rep Console
    • Resolved issue with using Korean toggle keys.
    • Resolved issue in which copying a Jump Client to a new group always showed the Jump Client as online.
    • Resolved issue with representatives getting locked out of sessions if they did not have the elevated tools permission and the system locks.
    • Made minor Dark Mode adjustments.
  • Customer Client
    • A registry entry can now disable the customer client from attempting to activate the logon screen.
    • Resolved issue with the process of checking for elevation sometimes flagging security scanners.
    • Resolved focus issue with customer client in "quiet mode".
  • Click-to-Chat
    • Resolved issue with chat bot sessions showing the Windows OS icon in web rep console sessions.
  • Shell Jump
    • Resolved issue with Alt+. not bringing up the last command.
  • Mac
    • Resolved issue with URLs sent through chat from the rep to the customer opening twice when clicked by the customer.
    • Resolved issue in which the rep console on Macs crashed when the user’s keyboard layout was set to Chinese and any characters were typed through screen sharing.
    • Resolved issue with the Support Button icon appearing small on Mac.
    • Resolved issue with Support Button on Mac having an incorrect version string.