Remote Support 21.3.4 Release Notes

December 21, 2021


  • This version of Remote Support has been certified for physical BeyondTrust Appliances, virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • RS 21.3.4 requires Base software Base 6.1.1 or Base 6.2.0.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue with frequent service interruptions that occurred during Vault account rotation.
  • Resolved an issue with missing proxy settings after client installations through a proxied Jumpoint.
  • Resolved an issue with missing customer data when a session started through API.
  • Resolved an issue with excessive appliance CPU consumption when the Teams integration was enabled with an empty configuration.
  • Resolved an issue with cursor visibility for view-only Android sessions in the Web Rep Console.
  • Resolved a paste issue with the Windows 10 secure desktop User Account Control (UAC) prompt.
  • Resolved an issue with post-reboot session reconnection.
  • Resolved a copy/paste issue with text containing URLs.
  • Resolved an issue with sessions using peer-to-peer connections.
  • Resolved an issue with rep status change detection.
  • Improved privacy screen support on Windows 10 and Windows 11.