ServiceNow User Request Integration

You can configure a new message type in Privilege Management Cloud that allows end users to raise a request for access to an application or installer directly in ServiceNow. This ticket can then be reviewed and approved (or denied) in ServiceNow.

On the next check-in from the endpoint to Privilege Management Cloud, this exception is automatically applied and the end user is approved to perform their action. (Or if the Service Desk operator denied the request, the user is not allowed to continue the action).

Typically an endpoint checks in with Privilege Management Cloud every 60 minutes, and receives any ticket decisions at this point. If you want to get the update immediately to the endpoint, you can attempt to launch the application again to get an immediate update of that request.

An example dialog box of the ServiceNow user request management in PMC.

The screen capture shows an example of how the ServiceNow user request message appears to the end user.


All Privilege Management configuration occurs in the Privilege Management Cloud application.

For more information, please see "ServiceNow User Request Integration" in the Privilege Management Cloud Administration Guide.