Editor's note: This is the final in a series of blogs summarizing why customers choose PowerBroker to solve their privileged account management challenges, stemming from the study of our customer base that BeyondTrust commissioned in early 2015. The previous blogs focused on flexible deployment options, low total cost of ownership, better security context, reporting and analytics, and higher productivity. Customers face a difficult choice when selecting privileged account management solutions. One path to take is to buy a point solution to solve a point pain – the best of breed approach. This deep-but-not-broad approach tends to lead to a higher TCO and greater complexity of management with so many different vendor solutions to end up patching together. Reporting and analytics are siloed. Intelligence sharing across the environment is suspect or non-existent. Another way to go is to buy an IAM-type product that also does PAM. This broad-but-not-deep approach could mean that you might need lots of customization and coding (i.e. cost) to make it all work in your environment. Vendor lock-in might be a problem. Intelligence sharing outside of the ecosystem is spotty at best. What if there was an alternative? BeyondTrust provides that alternative. In a survey of more than 100 customers, those customers indicated that BeyondTrust’s end to end privileged account management capabilities were a competitive differentiator versus other options in the privileged account management market. PowerBroker Difference This differentiator was important to Statens Arkiver, who was looking to reduce risk from security breaches and tighten operational practices. They turned to BeyondTrust. In the words of Jonas Odgaard, System Administrator, "BeyondTrust PowerBroker has taken the guesswork out of privilege management.” BeyondTrust delivers what industry experts consider to be the most comprehensive and integrated privileged account management solution available in the market. From establishing and enforcing least privilege on Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux systems; to automating password and session management; to integrating Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X systems with Microsoft Active Directory; to auditing user and administrator activity, BeyondTrust unifies these capabilities into a single, integrated platform that acts as a central policy manager and primary reporting interface. In its Market Guide for Privileged Access Management, research firm Gartner recognizes BeyondTrust as a representative vendor for all solution categories in the PAM market. What differentiates us from other vendors in this space is that BeyondTrust is the only company that offers these capabilities from a single, integrated reporting and management platform. Interested in learning more about how PowerBroker can help you reduce total cost of ownership, provide the deepest insights, and simplify the management of complex privileges? Contact us today. If you are interested in learning more about all of the PowerBroker differences, check out the free white paper. Author: Scott Lang, Sr. Director, Product Marketing