dave_shacklefordOf all the challenges that overwhelm the small business IT environment, the most overwhelming is asking the IT team to wear many hats. From operations and security to compliance and daily operations, the tasks are many but the resources are few. When you’re managing IT in a smaller sized organization with fewer people and smaller budgets, you might feel pressured to make tradeoffs when it comes security and compliance. Fortunately, you don’t have to anymore. In this BeyondTrust on-demand webcast, SANS Analyst Dave Shackleford discusses the challenges small businesses face when implementing vulnerability management and privileged account management programs. He also presents several tips for streamlining the following activities:
  • Vulnerability scanning, patching and remediation
  • Tuning, hardening, and continuous monitoring
  • Configuration and policy management
  • Preventing insider abuse with privileged account management
From technical to operational concerns, Shackleford reveals insights that will help you make smart choices for reducing costs and increasing efficiency while maintaining high levels of security and compliance. Learn more by viewing the complete webcast below: