UNC Health Care brings together more than 20,000 employees, doctors and nurses to care for patients from all 100 counties in North Carolina and surrounding states. In addition to five specialty hospitals, the system includes seven regional hospitals.

This comprehensive approach connects communities with the healthcare resources the residents need, provided by the local hospitals and doctors they trust. UNC Health Care primarily supports end users in a hospital or clinic-based environment with 43 service desk agents located across 4 different cities. There are over 600 employees in the ISD (Information Services Department) and UNC Health Care wanted to standardize their remote support efforts across various systems to one, remote support tool.

Heather Ennis, the senior service desk specialist at UNC Health Care notes that using Bomgar, she’s able to provide specialized support to each end user: “Bomgar helps me on a day-to-day, every call basis. I use Bomgar on every [support] call because I like to see what the end user is doing so I can better understand how to troubleshoot their problem.”

Annette King, UNC Health Care’s IT director, noted using the Bomgar Button to enhance the support experience for their end users. They IT team deployed an icon in the shape of a life preserver on every device in their system, which allowed for quick and easy access to connect with the support team.

To learn more about how Bomgar Remote Support helped UNC Health Care improved the support experience for both IT staff and end users, check out this 3-minute video: