Previously, the only way we could let vendors remote in was to set up a VPN. I didn’t like that because I couldn’t see or control what theywere doing on our network. With Bomgar, we can give them limited access to our environment and record their session so I have an audit log of exactly what has been done. That makes our environment much more secure.

Brian Bard, Business and Technology Analyst for UNCC Student Health Services

With Bomgar, the typical response time from incident reporting to resolution has been reduced from approximately 6 hours to 15 minutes. 

“Just not having to spend 30 minutes walking across campus saves us a ton of time,” said Bard. 

“But other helpful features like File Transfer and Canned Scripts streamline the work that we need to do.”

Looking ahead, UNC Charlotte is planning to deploy Bomgar’s password management solution to improve password security. Since the institution has several servers that are regularly accessed by various team members, they need a more secure and efficient way to manage and store credentials. Using Bomgar Vault integrated with Bomgar Remote Support, a rep can simply inject the credentials needed to access a specific server or system, without ever knowing or seeing them. “Credential injection will be a tremendous convenience for us,” said Bard. 

For more details about UNC Charlotte’s use of Bomgar, check out the full case study!

Photograph of Elizabeth Hulsey

Elizabeth Hulsey, Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist