Time to show off the new Management Console in Privilege Guard 3.0!

One of the many key differences that set Privilege Guard (Edit: now Defendpoint) apart from the rest of the field is our UI and how policies are configured. Not being one to rest on our laurels, we’ve listened a lot to our customers, and injected a lot of innovation onto the 3.0 UI. I hope you’ll agree that the results are impressive!

We have a diverse range of customers, including large corporations managing hundreds of thousands of desktops. The Privilege Guard policies for such large rollouts, as you can imagine, are quite complex, so it’s important to understand how we can continue to simplify their initial creation and on-going maintenance.

The entire console has been given an overhaul, and here are just a few of the highlights...

Summary Views

This is a feature we introduced to Application groups in V2.8. The positive feedback we got led to the rollout of summary views to the rest of the management console. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

All views offer an alternate 'Detailed' view, which will show configuration settings in a color coded table format. Whatever your preference is, you can easily set it from the Views drop-down menu.

Instant Search and Drilldown

Another feature originally introduced in 2.8, instant search in Application Groups, has been expanded across the entire policy. All areas of the console now include an instant search box, from the top level node for policy wide searches, down to searches within specific areas.

As you start typing, the console automatically switches to a results view displaying settings that match your text entry. The more you type, the more refined the results become. The results view will also highlight where the matching property is.

In this example, I have entered the word ’disk’ into the top level instant search box. You can see that matches have been found within the ‘Admin tasks’ application group, as well as the policies where that group has been used. Instant search will find matches in any area of your settings.

When you have found the setting or property you are looking for, simply double click it to drill down into the actual setting.

Instant Message Previews

Another key advantage of Privilege Guard is powerful end user messaging. Our unique message customization feature allows you to personalize almost every aspect of the message box, from text strings, colors and styles to full corporate branding. You can also define which features and elements are used for each custom message you create.

Message Previews in Version 3.0

Message Previews in Version 3.0

To simplify the creation and updating of custom messages, we have added instant preview. So as you are making changes to your message, the preview updates in real-time to help you create the exact look and feel you require. If you want to see the message is action, just click on the instant preview.

So the leading solution for managing privileges has just got a whole lot better looking. Why choose between style and substance, when you can have both!

Introducing Defendpoint

Edit: Privilege Guard has now evolved into the brand new security suite, Defendpoint, which encompasses Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing. For more information, please visit www.avecto.com/defendpoint.