Talent. It’s not necessarily hard to find, but to tempt that talent away from their current employer, well that’s another matter. The most successful team members in any organization are exactly that; successful. Their W2s are off the charts, colleagues, both former and current rave about their skills, and customers welcome them with open arms. So, if your market is booming and anyone who’s anyone is hiring, why would a talented person leave their current role? And more importantly, why would they join your company?

A candidate driven market (CDM) is always considered a difficult environment in which to recruit. The time recruitment teams take in sourcing and engaging with the right people can be draining and most of all, time-consuming. But recruiting at a time like this needn’t be feared, it’s a fantastic opportunity and should be embraced.

The Process

To attract and close the best talent in the market, your recruitment process must be seamless. Speedy follow-ups on feedback, tight scheduling as well constant communication of their and your expectations. The CDM forces organizations to up their game with a slicker interview process.

The Benefits

When everyone is competing for that one fantastic candidate, you have to look internally at what you are offering. Salary, healthcare benefits, even finishing early on Fridays, all can impact a decision to join your company or not. Effective communication of company benefits not only makes you attractive to newcomers but impacts your current employees’ morale too, which in the longer term impacts retention. A happy and content workplace makes for a productive and stable one.


When external talent is hard to come by, there is only one option – invest internally. Create internships and graduate programs, junior positions with key objectives, training, and career paths. An environment where fresh ideas are welcomed and promotion is common, creates a loyal, culture-driven workplace, where eventually your home-grown candidates are no longer pipelining or demoing for the mid-market, they are closing the multi-million dollar deals and running a discovery workshop for a 70,000 person company.

It makes a company like Avecto take a step back, evaluate and create a better recruitment process, as well as a more enjoyable place to work. From the seasoned sales guy who we want to join the team, to the more tenured support engineer, to the recent business development rep hire, everyone benefits.