A recent flaw has been discovered that allows users to gain entry to an iPhone, even when the screen is locked. By using the Siri feature, it is possible to bypass the iPhone lockscreen in iOS 7.1.1 to gain entry to contacts, texts and emails.

Andrew Avanessian, VP of global professional services at Avecto said:

"This vulnerability not only allows access to contacts, but there is the ability to completely unlock the phone via Safari, potentially opening up all the data on the phone. This is a worry for businesses.

"Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in the iOS lock screen and I've no doubt more will be discovered. No real corporate control exists for the iPhone, as first and foremost it's a consumer device and user experience is prioritised over security.

"With the growing trend of mobile working, largely driven by the demands of the c-suite, IT departments must be aware of what data they allow employees to access on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming hotbeds for sensitive corporate data, and flaws like this provide an easy route in.

"It's crucially important for IT departments to strike the right balance between security and flexibility."