For years, the proliferation and variability of mobile devices in the workplace have been increasing the workload on IT support departments, while also giving IT teams opportunities to be more productive. While mobile devices provide convenience and flexibility for users and employees, they also introduce new security gaps and risks to organizations.

Mobile devices are, of course, literally everywhere. Nothing new there. The trends have been there for a while. We saw the pervasiveness coming years ago and knew how this was going to change our lives in the way that we do business. However, what is sometimes not as obvious is how do we now support these devices? It went from a bit of a novelty to nice to have personally and nice to have for business. Now, we can't run our businesses without these, which means when they break or when someone can't use them, we have to find a way to support these devices.

So then how do we enable this type of support and not tie support teams to their desk or to the old ways of doing things? Additionally, how can you provide support in a way that's secure that meets compliance regulations and privacy initiatives?

When it comes to security, meeting compliance regulations and fostering trust in remote support, the responsibility falls on the service desk. This new and constantly changing landscape does require remote support to be taken the next level. Here’s a few ways that with Bomgar Remote Support, you can do just that:

Embedded Remote App Support

Embed Bomgar remote support and screen sharing in your Andriod/iOS apps through a software development kit (SDK). Once enabled, customers and employees can request remote support directly from the app, allowing support reps to see and troubleshoot the app in real time.

Remote Camera Sharing

Sometimes you need to see more than the screen when in a remote support session. Bomgar Insight allows remote camera sharing through an iPhone, iPad or Android device, in which an employee or customer can receive support on hardware and peripherals. 

iOS Screen Sharing

Available with iOS 11 and the Bomgar iOS Customer Client 2.2.8, screen share with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices to resolve issues. When supporting iOS devices, you can use iOS screen sharing, chat support, co-browsing, file transfer and image sharing – speeding resolution times. 

Want to know more? 

Check out this on-demand webinar that I hosted for more insight on how mobile devices have changed the IT support landscape, and ways to address the security challenges while increasing productivity.