Just a quick note - in all the commotion yesterday, I forgot to mention that Microsoft officially ended support for Microsoft Windows Vista SP0 (Windows Vista without any service packs installed). This means that unless they have a change of heart, Microsoft will not be releasing any updates (including security patches) to Vista SP0. Customers will be required to update to either Vista SP1 or (preferably) Vista SP2. Hopefully readers of a security blog will already be on the latest and greatest service pack (or skipped Windows Vista at work altogether). Regardless, I’m sure there are plenty of home users out there who might need a nudge to make sure Microsoft Update is running and proper service packs are installed. And as an early heads-up, two more end-of-support dates are looming: Windows XP SP2 (July 13, 2010) Windows 2000 – regardless of SP level (July 13, 2010) Even though it's 10 years old, I’m sure more than a few of you have a Windows 2000 server running somewhere in your environment. Retina customers can look for the following audits within their scan results to pinpoint any affected systems: 12436 - Windows Vista End-of-Support Service Pack 0 12435 - Windows XP End-of-Support Service Pack 2 Notification 12437 - Windows 2000 End-of-Support Notification