Retina Network Security Scanner I am pleased to announce some very exciting enhancements available in the newest version of our highly respected and validated vulnerability assessment product, Retina Network Security Scanner (RNSS) and Retina Host Security Scanner (RHSS). Version 6.2 features the following new capabilities.

Enhanced Backport Detection

RNSS 6.2 introduces new and improved backported Linux distribution detection for both authenticated and unauthenticated scanning. This enhancement focuses on eliminating false positives for remote banner-based checks. Credential-based audits have also been enhanced in 6.2 with the addition of an operating system qualifier string to our credentialed audits that will suppress them for backported operating systems. For example, Retina will no longer run a generic SSH audit against a system that we know will backport the fix (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, for instance).

Enhanced Reports

Version 6.2 finalizes our efforts to enhance the design and to significantly improve performance of all reports within Retina Network Security Scanner. The following reports were enhanced in version 6.2: Non-Compliant, Access and Vulnerability Export (HTML).

CIS Benchmark Certifications

While previous versions of Retina have supported Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) benchmark assessments, along with CIS, DISA, Microsoft, and more, Retina 6.2 adds support for and certification of the following SCAP benchmarks released by the Central for Internet Security:
  • CIS Apple OSX 10.8 Benchmark v1.3.0
  • CIS Apple OSX 10.9 Benchmark v1.3.0
  • CIS Apple OSX 10.10 Benchmark v1.2.0
  • CIS Apple OSX 10.11 Benchmark v1.1.0
  • CIS Apple OSX 10.12 Benchmark v1.0.0
Existing customers will benefit from these enhancements with their next auto-update. For more on how Retina Network Security Scanner can help you quickly and efficiently identify IT exposures and prioritize remediation enterprise-wide, contact us today.