As you have likely heard by now, the kernel-memory-leaking processor vulnerability (Spectre and Meltdown) extends beyond the Intel chipset; it is now known to affect AMD and ARM chipsets as well supporting Windows, Unix, Linux and MacOS. The massive scope of this vulnerability has led to some OS vendors to release emergency patches in order to mitigate this vulnerability.

For customers, BeyondTrust has added the following detection in Retina’s audit release 3365 based on the latest patches currently available.

Updated: 1/24/2018

* These are informational checks that use either WMI or SSH to determine the processor model. If the model is affected, then the audit will flag. Note that we cannot check to see if the microcode has been patched in firmware, so these audits are informational only and should be used to help prioritize OS level patching.

BeyondTrust will continue to add more audits as additional patches become available. Watch here for more details. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact customer support.