I joined almost two thousand IT and Security professionals last week for the Gartner IAM event.  It’s always valuable to spend some focused time at an industry conference.  One theme that emerged is the adoption of IAM technologies like Privileged Access Management is directly related to the user experience.   While security features and addressing specific use cases is the top concern, program success also includes keeping privileged users productive. As one CISO stated, “My KPI is the number of complaints I get.”

This could explain why Bomgar koozies were a popular giveaway on the exhibit floor.  Emblazoned with the tagline “I drink because your password is password,” attendees could totally relate to this concept.  

It’s human nature - people will default to simple, easy to use passwords because they are busy doing their jobs and don’t want to have slow down to remember or track down the complex passwords that are more secure.  With Bomgar Vault, privileged users can ditch the sticky notes and spreadsheets forever.  

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I drink because your password is 'password.'

Additionally, Bomgar’s credential injection feature enables “one-click” access to endpoints and systems right from the Bomgar rep console.  Users love how easy it is, and security professionals know that credentials stored in a secure vault greatly reduce the risk of a cyber breach.  

Watch this short video for a look at how credential injection works:

So where do the polar bears come in?  One of the keynotes was given by inspirational speaker Lewis Pugh, who shared his experience of swimming in the Arctic sea. From garnering support from friends and family, to training to swim in very cold water, a lot of hard work was put into this ‘polar campaign’. Choosing the right cybersecurity strategy can feel just as daunting as jumping in a freezing cold ocean. It requires support from the wider team at your organization, and ‘training’ to determine which strokes to take/solutions to deploy in your environment.

If you’re looking to improve your organization’s security posture, start with this infographic of Bomgar’s  Six Steps to Secure Access for Privileged Insiders and Vendors.  Bomgar's unique "access first" approach enables your organization to fight threat actors immediately and begin realizing the benefits of your security investment from day one. This outline can help you and your team avoid plunging into sub-zero waters. For an in-depth explanation of the 6 steps, this on-demand webinar will share all you need to know!