Today we are very pleased to announce the release of Privilege Guard ePO Edition, a brand new version tightly integrated with McAfee ePO which delivers comprehensive and scalable privilege management to all McAfee secured endpoints.

Since we released the McAfee ePO Integration Pack last year, we have been focused on extending our very successful partnership with McAfee, by building a complete solution within the ePO ecosystem.

We are really pleased with the end result, which showcases the strength of Avecto's innovative approach to least privilege, married with the powerful ePO platform.

Scalable Management Architecture

McAfee ePO is proven to offer enterprise scalability, helping organizations to manage millions of desktops around the globe. Avecto customers can now take advantage of their existing ePO infrastructure to deploy and manage Privilege Guard on all of their McAfee secured endpoints.

Using the System Tree, the Privilege Guard Client is automatically deployed to the correct endpoints across LAN, WAN or web, leveraging the flexible administration options and robust security model offered by ePO.

Integrated Policy Management

A fully integrated management console allows you to create, deploy and update Privilege Guard policies using a consistent and familiar interface.

Policy creation can also be fully automated by importing rules and definitions directly from audited events or from a wide selection of templates, providing a slick workflow for quickly reacting to the ever-changing demands of desktop users and server admins.

The management console fully supports the import and export of policies from the Privilege Guard Group Policy Edition, for easy migration to and from Group Policy, or for standalone policy management via MMC.

Enterprise Auditing and Reporting

To complete the least privilege lifecycle, Privilege Guard ePO Edition includes a set of rich, interactive dashboards, providing centralized reporting on all privileged activity.

Events are collected directly from endpoints by the McAfee Agent and stored in a central database. Detailed information relating to elevated, blocked and discovered applications can be used to build and refine policies.

The extensible reporting architecture of McAfee ePO enables you to create customized dashboards to show holistic views of all endpoint security and privilege usage events for deeper forensic analysis.

Introducing Defendpoint

Edit: Privilege Guard has now evolved into the brand new security suite, Defendpoint, which encompasses Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing. For more information, please visit