When it comes to football (and futbol) championships and attacks on privileged accounts – defense wins! By now, you’ve probably seen the latest statistics on external attacks – they are on the rise, with 73% of breaches being executed by outsiders, according to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigators Report. And, these attackers are looking for very specific industry verticals and data sets - healthcare records, credit cards, intellectual property, etc. – all of which have real monetary value. To execute attacks, attackers typically pry into an organization by taking advantage of an unpatched system, or via malware or phishing attacks. The attacker can then parlay that initial foothold to gain access via lateral movement, targeting privileged accounts where they can, as they progress to their end goal — exfiltration of data, data destruction, or even ransom. So, how can organizations defend themselves against these attacks, and detect or disrupt attacks in progress? Our new white paper, "4 Key Tactics to Prevent & Disrupt External Attacks on Privileged Passwords & Accounts", focuses on the problems associated with external attacks and the resulting assault on privileged accounts, providing guidance on four ways you can protect your organization from threats to your environment:
  1. Discovering the Most Impactful Vulnerabilities in Your Environment
  2. Managing Vulnerabilities and Privileged Passwords
  3. Responding to Threats Against Privileged Credentials
  4. Monitoring Privileged Account and User Behavior
BeyondTrust can help. The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management platform combines behavioral analytics, vulnerability and malware intelligence, and security data from best-of-breed security solutions to allow you to out-maneuver attackers and stop data breaches. With BeyondTrust, you can:
  • Aggregate user and asset data to baseline and track behavior
  • Correlate asset, user, and threat activity to reveal critical risks
  • Identify potential malware threats buried in asset activity data`
  • Increase the ROI of your existing security solutions
  • Generate reports to inform and align security decisions