We are pleased to announce the availability of PowerBroker for Mac 1.5. PowerBroker for Mac reduces the risk of privilege misuse by enabling standard users on Mac OS to perform administrative tasks successfully without entering elevated credentials. With PowerBroker for Mac, IT organizations simplify the enforcement of least-privilege policies, close security gaps, improve operational efficiency, and achieve compliance objectives faster by removing administrator rights from MacOS users.

PowerBroker for Mac 1.5 expands on its market-leading capabilities by introducing the following new feature.

Improve Security with Identity-Based Management of Policy

Identity-based policy enables customers to apply PowerBroker for Mac policies to individuals, users, or groups based on affiliation. By following and targeting policy based on identity, companies can better ensure a consistent security model and user experience throughout their networks. With PowerBroker for Mac version 1.5, users can now manage access policy by a variety of parameters, including: security group, username, computer name, IP Range, and user type (Admin/Domain/Local).


The end result allows information technology administrators to target rules for privileged elevation based on affiliation to enterprise authentication directories and location. If you consider most MacOS devices are mobile, administrators can allow some applications to elevate within the corporate environment and deny others while the devices are roaming. This granularity by identity and device context addresses the threats of running applications as an administrator outside of the corporate perimeter.

For more information on PowerBroker for Mac, get the What's New document or contact us today.