powerbroker for mac 1.1 We are pleased to announce the availability of PowerBroker for Mac version 1.1, released today and building on innovative Mac least privilege capability first released in July. This release provides much sought after enhancements meant to further simplify least privilege management and deployments. Read on to learn what’s new. Deny Actions in Rules PowerBroker for Mac version 1.1 allows for application control by denying unapproved applications. You can find this feature under the Action Property within a rule’s properties. When using the deny action it is recommend you accompany the rule with a user message to inform users that the application was intended to be blocked, and why. Complementing its rules for elevation, PowerBroker for Mac provides security and IT teams complete control over privileges and applications running on OS X endpoints. User Messages to Preempt Rules Actions PowerBroker for Mac version 1.1 supports user messages. User messages can be placed in front of any rule action to provide additional information, instruct users of additional steps, or provide reasons why an application has been denied. Both of these enhancements mean that PowerBroker for Mac customers have greater control and visibility over Mac security and user behavior. For more on what’s new in PowerBroker for Mac, check out the version 1.1 new features doc, or watch the new features video.