VM Hybrid Cloud The cloud offers opportunities and flexibility for information technology resources to be deployed, scaled, and managed outside of the confines of a traditional datacenter. Many times, these resources are hardened in order to prevent security breaches and are inherently resilient to network based vulnerability assessment scans. To provide an accurate assessment of these devices requires some inside knowledge for each of the instances (or agent). Retina CS offers vulnerability assessment agent capabilities for the Retina Host Security Scanner (RHSS) to provide a deep inspection into an instance and report back any vulnerability or configuration anomalies to BeyondInsight. This agent can be provisioned as a part of the instance template to ensure the asset is secured and remains un-tampered with during its lifecycle. This approach allows for complete risk assessments, without scanning, and meets security best practices and regulatory initiatives regardless of the asset being in the cloud or on premise. As well, websites and web-based applications are favorite targets of today’s advanced attacks as they are an easy gateway into an organization if not properly protected. BeyondTrust provides security assessments of public-facing network infrastructures and web applications, with BeyondSaaS. Dashboard(click to enlarge) BeyondTrust provides a dashboard to easily understand web-based attacks and vulnerabilities. Having this capability helps to identify perimeter vulnerabilities, understand their potential impact, and provide the intelligence to act to mitigate threats. If your organization is pursuing a hybrid IT strategy, and you want the protection that vulnerability management delivers, download the technical brief on cloud security today!