The word Patent surrounded by many colorful light bulbs We are pleased to announce that BeyondTrust has been granted a new U.S. Patent (No. 8,850,549) for privilege management, validating our approach to helping our customers achieve least privilege in Windows environments. The methods and systems that we employ for controlling access to resources and privileges per process are unique to BeyondTrust PowerBroker for Windows. Why is this important and what does this mean to you? You benefit with a more comprehensive approach to achieving compliance. This patent recognizes the importance of more process and auditability for on-demand privilege elevation activities in meeting stringent compliance requirements. No other solution provider can do this to the extent we can. You benefit from our best-practices approach to security. BeyondTrust’s unique technology allows users to operate systems with standard user rights – the best practice for all security and regulatory requirements – and elevate individual programs or operating system tasks to meet job functions. You benefit from our innovation. This isn’t the first patent we’ve been awarded. We also hold a patent for Vulnerability-Based Application Management and risk compliance methods for application security, speaking to the true innovation of the technology. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our approach to helping you attain least privilege and application control for Windows servers and desktops. Take the next step: Contact a BeyondTrust sales representative or download a free trial of PowerBroker for Windows today.