Avecto Ltd the leader in Windows privilege management today announced the official launch of the company, its website (www.avecto.com) and its innovative new product, Privilege Guard. "Avecto has been launched with the intention of plugging a clear gap that exists on the corporate desktop", said Mark Austin, the company's Chief Technology Officer. Mark has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, across a range of disciplines, including real-time computing, artificial intelligence, desktop security and systems management.

Mark went on to say, "In my experience working with large organizations, the challenge of running users with standard rights continues to be a major issue. With complex application sets and a demanding user base, forcing users to logon with standard rights usually requires compromises that not only affect a user's ability to perform their day to day tasks, but also puts an added burden on the IT department to perform trivial administration tasks. It is no surprise that many organizations have taken the difficult decision to compromise on security and continue to let corporate users logon with local admin rights, as it is too difficult or costly to remove these privileges completely."

With the release of Avecto Privilege Guard, organizations can finally run users with standard rights, without the associated effort, costs and compromises that would otherwise be incurred. Privilege Guard enables organization to adopt the principle of least privilege, where users logon with minimal rights, and applications are assigned the necessary privileges to perform the task in hand, all under the control of policies that are defined by the IT department.

Paul Kenyon, VP of Sales, said "Eliminating admin rights will have a significant impact on increasing the security of the enterprise. Our goal is to bring this about." Paul has 20 years of experience in sales, with 15 years in the IT industry. "With many organizations under strict guidelines to create compliant and secure desktops, adhering to standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and HIPAA, the concept of least privilege is gaining in popularity. Avecto are looking to help organizations implement a practical solution to this problem."