Geek Guide: Beyond Sudo Although sudo is a persistent fact of life in managing privileges on Unix and Linux servers, it is becoming an increasingly inadequate match for modern environments – especially those involving automation, SecDevOps or hybrid cloud. As a Unix/Linux expert, I’m sure you have faced the challenges – no log integrity, complex management in large environments, no file or policy integrity monitoring. But have you given any thought as to how you overcome these shortcomings to ensure the compliance and security of your Unix/Linux estate? As the recognized leader in Unix/Linux privilege management, BeyondTrust has partnered with Linux Journal, an expert in delivering practical guidance to Linux professionals, to answer that question.
Get the Geek Guide – Beyond Sudo: How to Know You’ve Outgrown it (and What to Do) download now

Get the Geek Guide – Beyond Sudo: How to Know You’ve Outgrown it (and What to Do)

Written by Greg Bledsoe, a Managing Consultant with Accenture in the DevOps Architecture Practice, our new guide will help you make that call. Read the Geek Guide: Beyond Sudo to understand:
  • The evolution of sudo, its usage, and important commands
  • Where sudo fits in today’s world of DevOps, containers, and Cloud
  • Workarounds to address sudo’s shortcoming (complexity, inability to scale across large/complex environments, lack of file integrity monitoring, etc.)
  • Key capabilities for achieving security and compliance across Unix/Linux platforms
  • A checklist for assessing whether or not sudo is meeting your security & compliance needs
  • What “beyond sudo” looks like
When you are operating at scale and speed, sudo’s shortcomings become all too apparent. Unlike sudo, commercial solutions can provide centralized policy controls and file integrity monitoring, while allowing scalability over thousands of servers. Want to know more? Download the Geek Guide today, or contact us for a strategy session.