It’s 2017, and time to face a hard truth: passwords aren’t as secure as they need to be, and they need to be protected.

In fact, some passwords are incredibly easy to guess, making the accounts or systems you use them for vulnerable. According to Network World, some of the most common passwords of 2016 included “querty”, “12345”, “football”, and perhaps the worst, “password”.

When individuals rely on these extremely lightweight passwords, they are simply opening the door and welcoming hackers into their personal network, and their company’s systems, as if to say, “Hello, please come in and have a look around!”  

In honor of National Password Day, it’s a great time to ask the question: is your business modernizing outdated and weak password management practices?

Solutions such as Bomgar Vault, which helps organizations to secure, manage, and administer shared and sensitive credentials for privileged users and IT vendors, are being used by security-conscious businesses to change, manage and update passwords without the user ever seeing or knowing them. This allows organizations to improve security, compliance, and productivity by enabling their security professionals and IT administrators to quickly find and gain control of privileged credentials, manage and rotate passwords, and securely use shared accounts.

As cyber breaches continue to increase, the importance of securing and protecting privileged credentials becomes more important every day. If you want more information on Bomgar Vault, check out this video for a closer look.