New research comes as Avecto prove prevention is possible at Gartner Barcelona

Business leaders are becoming more switched on to cyber threats according to new research from endpoint security software firm, Avecto.

Following on from the high profile data breach affecting TalkTalk customers, the research revealed that 69% of organizations now see the security of their IT systems as a key concern.

The research, which polled IT decision makers at this year's Intel Security FOCUS Conference, also suggests there is still work to do to move security up the corporate priority list. A further 30% of respondents indicated that robust IT security was a concern but simply not a priority at the moment.

The results come at the start of the Gartner Symposium ITXpo in Barcelona, one of the largest gatherings of CIOs and senior IT executives in Europe.

Paul Kenyon, Co-Founder and EVP at Avecto said the results were encouraging, but also sign of the times:

"Cyber Threats are evolving faster than ever and for many organizations a cyber attack is not a matter of if but when. What is clear in this research is that security is now starting to make an appearance in the corporate boardroom, an encouraging and welcome development. However, questions remain over whether that concern actually translates into action and investment.

"As we've seen time and time again, when an organizations security fails it has a knock on effect on their reputation and customer confidence. IT security should never be a box ticking exercise, it has wide-reaching impact not just on customers but also puts those leading the business under serious public scrutiny when it goes wrong. It's vital then that organizations don't just pay lip service to their IT security but take immediate steps to improve it.

Avecto will be exhibiting its unique Defendpoint security software at Gartner Symposium ITXpo in Barcelona between 9-11 November, stand number 1003.