iStock_000061518300_smallThe Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), also known as the Defence Signals Directorate, has developed a list of strategies to mitigate targeted cyber intrusions. The recommended strategies were developed through ASD’s extensive experience in operational cyber security, including responding to serious security intrusions and performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for Australian government agencies. These recommendations where first published in February 2010, revised in 2012, and updated again in 2014 based on ASD’s most recent analysis of cyber intrusions across the Australian Government. The Top 4 recommendations can be implemented gradually but in the end, all systems should be fully compliant in order to mitigate the highest value targets for cyber intrusion. BeyondTrust has reviewed the ASD’s recommendations and developed a comprehensive mapping to the top security priorities. Find out more about how BeyondTrust meets the ASD’s top mitigation strategies. >> Download the PDF