The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released its report on the Equifax data breach last week, and BeyondTrust is pleased that our capabilities are noted as best practices in multiple areas for the prevention or mitigation of such breaches.

As noted in the Oversight report, “A system administrator should develop file access permissions to only allow the necessary, authenticated users to access certain files – especially configuration files which may contain sensitive security information. Best practices dictate the ‘principle of least privilege,’ which restricts the rights and access of a user to the minimal amount necessary to perform their role.”

BeyondTrust was cited in the report as delivering on best practices in:

Additional recommendations and remediations delivered by Mandiant as part of the investigation include (among others):

BeyondTrust is unique in that it integrates these capabilities into a single platform that unifies all privileged access management use cases and vulnerability management use cases. This approach helps organizations by providing complete coverage over all users, assets and accounts, while integrating with existing security tools.

2018 continues to be another banner year of security failings, as witnessed by some of this year’s top data breaches. While Gartner has acknowledged that Privileged Access Management and vulnerability management are top security priorities for 2018, many organizations have a long way to go to cover the basics.

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