Today is Get to Know Your Customers Day, a quarterly event for companies to recognize their customers and foster a more personal connection. Bomgar prides itself on working with some of the best and brightest in the industry, individuals who are using our solutions on a daily basis to help their users be more efficient and their IT environments be more secure. Through our discussions at trade shows, industry events and other touchpoints, we’ve gotten to know many of our customers quite well—we understand the challenges they face, what they’re hoping to accomplish and the technology they need to make it happen.

But do we really know what makes them tick? As part of our Get to Know Your Customers Day celebration, we were determined to find out by polling our customer community on some pretty tough topics. Read on to see their responses in the six hard hitting categories below.

Ice Cream Flavor

It’s been said that you can know a lot about a person by their preferred Dairy Queen order. Forty-three percent of the customers we spoke with fall solidly in the chocolate camp, suggesting that they are open to new ideas and different experiences despite harboring strong opinions about many things. Vanilla was the runner-up, and is a flavor preferred by people who “find peace and balance in the everyday”—certainly important skills for any IT pro! Four respondents pointed to a love of Strawberry, while Coffee and Mint Chocolate Chip also received a few nods.

Game of Thrones Character

When we asked our customers which Game of Thrones Great House they preferred, we were surprised to learn that 43% don’t like the series or have never watched it. Of those who do have GoT fever, 31% are die-hard Jon Snow fans. Ned Stark was the runner-up, followed by Brienne of Tarth, and Jaime and Tyrion Lannister with one vote each. Take a look at this article if you’re interested in what this might suggest about our customers’ personalities—warning, spoiler alert!

Video Game

When it comes to video games, our customers keep it old school with Mario Bros. the preferred choice of 40% of our respondents. Mortal Kombat was also a popular selection, along with Guitar Hero and Tomb Raider. We had a few write in submissions for this category too, but it’s worth noting that 9% selected the response: “Techies loving video games is such a cliché.” Consider that stereotype disproven.

Dream Vacation

Bomgar customers are a sun and fun loving bunch—49% pointed to a tropical destination like Maui or Bangkok as their ideal vacation scenario. A few had Europe on the brain, choosing Paris and Venice as their dream spot. And one was less interested in the location and more in his fellow travelers (or lack thereof), writing: “A week off with no kids, anywhere, and no responsibilities.” Hard to argue with that!

Drink of Choice

Twenty-nine percent of our customers keep it simple with water, while an additional 26% point to craft beer as their favorite beverage. Domestic beer, wine and soda were also top choices and one customer had a very specific beverage selection: Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato Shake (refer to the above ice cream section for what this flavor says about this person).

Best Part of the Job

Forty-six percent of our respondents said solving problems and helping their users is the best part of their job. Working closely with technology and keeping up with the latest trends were also popular choices. A few cheeky respondents pointed to Fridays at 5pm (after all, those Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato Shakes can’t drink themselves!)

So there you have it—Bomgar’s deep dive into our customers’ most pertinent details. Chocolate or Vanilla, Stark or Lannister, water or beer, one thing is clear: our customers rock and we love them!