Now that the GDPR enforcement date is behind us, organisations need to ensure that their remote access methods are secure to foster a mature security posture to ensure data security and data privacy.

Karl Lankford / Sr. Solutions Engineer / Bomgar

Bomgar’s solutions are designed with privacy and security at their core. This ensures that every remote access connection made by our customers—whether an admin connecting to a critical server or a help desk technician connecting to an end-user’s desktop or device—is secure, protecting critical systems and data and helping organisations meet the GDPR requirements.

For more details on how secure access can help meet GDPR compliance, you can watch this webinar that gives an overview of Bomgar’s suggestions for evaluating your security posture to meet the new requirements.

Photograph of Karl Lankford

Karl Lankford, Director, Solutions Engineering

Karl Lankford is the Director, Solutions Engineering, for BeyondTrust and has worked at BeyondTrust for 4 years. He has acquired a wide-range of security experience and knowledge working with companies during the last 10 years across multiple industries and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.