Today we are very pleased to announce the release of Privilege Guard 2.8 (Edit: now Defendpoint).

This new version is packed with exciting and innovative new features, which deliver enterprise security enhancements and improved usability. The world’s leading privilege management solution has just got a whole lot better!

Enterprise Security

When it comes to privilege management, it’s important to recognize the risk and security implications of giving administrative rights to users. This is the motivation that is driving enterprises to implement least privilege.

It is essential to ensure that the policies your IT department deploy are protected and authentic when implementing a privilege management solution. We’ve worked closely with some of our largest customers on version 2.8, to deliver a set of security enhancements to ensure that Privilege Guard can only be administered by IT staff who have been authorized to manage the solution:

  • Digital signing of policies - ensuring integrity and authenticity of policies.
  • Auditing of loaded policies - providing a visible audit trail of the policies deployed to the endpoints.
  • Client anti-tamper protection – prevents privileged applications from tampering with the solution.

Improved Manageability and Usability

Deploying a locked down desktop is one thing. Deploying a locked down desktop that still allows your end users to perform their role effectively is another. We recognize the challenges that IT departments face in achieving and maintaining harmony between “least risk” and “most productive”.

In addition to the security enhancements, we‘ve included improved management capabilities too:

  • End user message hyperlinks - provides integration with support and help desk portals.
  • Improved application group management – multiple views, which include search and filtering.
  • More templates and wizards – simplifies policy creation and management.
  • Custom access token enhancements – more granular control over token security and ownership.
  • Optimized reporting console - enables fast load times when handling millions of events.