In April we welcomed the return of the McAfee brand, one of the trailblazers in the ongoing battle against cyber crime. In a well-articulated blog post, McAfee CEO, Chris Young, set out the vision and mission of the #NewMcAfee and laid down its ambitious plans to take the business forward and ultimately shape the security marketplace as never before.

At the heart of those plans was a commitment to innovation and to changing the cyber security conversation into one that “acknowledges the need for true collaboration and genuinely celebrates the power of working together”.

In today’s threat landscape, that change in conversation can’t come soon enough. As the security community fight the good fight and defeat today’s threats, we also must look ahead to tomorrow and ask; how do we continue to move with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency than the attackers?

In another McAfee blog post, Vincent Weafer argues that security companies can no longer work or innovate in silos. He adds “silos have left the cyber security industry out of breath as it chases after inventive cybercriminals, desperate to catch up to the newest malicious innovations.”

Here then is where collaboration is king. For the new McAfee, “Together is Power” and that’s something we at Avecto certainly concur with. Working as one not only brings together our respective strengths and capabilities but also gives us the ability to tackle the security challenges of today and tomorrow head on; that’s why the Avecto Defendpoint integration into McAfee ePO and the DXL communication fabric is so important.

Time and time again we see organizations are unable to successfully operationalize their security investments. Moreover, their security products work in isolation, resulting in poor understanding of their security threats. Organizations need greater contextual insight into the threats they face as an important part of any proactive defense strategy—without it they are effectively blind.

Avecto’s integration with the McAfee ePO security management platform enables easy deployment and ongoing management, along with single console visibility of Defendpoint alongside other security products. Defendpoint Agent deployment, Policy Definition & Assignment, and Reporting & Auditing are all from the McAfee ePO™ interface. The DXL integration to McAfee TIE allows for verification of application reputation and allows for additional, risk-based policy adjustments.

It’s now possible for people, processes, and technology to remix quickly in new ways, to deliver effective security and with McAfee’s new mission, the picture it paints will be more vivid, and more detailed than ever before.

We’re incredibly excited to see it for ourselves.