Traditional support models rely on phone-based support, and while this has helped support desks connect with end users for years, support sessions cannot be scaled beyond 1:1, technicians are provided limited system visibility, and it is difficult to monitor. With the exceptional growth of connected devices, many organizations are making the jump to provide better and scalable support.

Integrating live chat support with your service desk benefits your business in ways that phone or email support cannot match. As I’ve said before, screen sharing is worth 1,000 chats! Understanding your users issue is only the beginning – once you can see the issue, remotely connect to their device and solve it as if you were in the same room with them – you’ve elevated the customer experience to the next level.

Chat has also come a long way since its origins, in both its social and business-world application. While it’s made great strides, it’s still an underutilized (and arguably mis-utilized) support channel among many organizations. It can offer many benefits, when implemented and integrated properly.

Last week, I joined Stephen Mann from for a webinar on this topic. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording and download the slides. Start learning today on ways to start or improve your chat initiative!