Today, May 12, would have been the 205th birthday of Edward Lear, an English author who popularized limerick poems—short, humorous, “nonsensical” rhymes that are now ubiquitous in greeting cards, nursey rhymes and advertising jingles. To honor Lear’s achievements, his birthday has been designated National Limerick Day and former English majors aren’t the only ones getting in on the fun—it turns out techies are quite the punsters.

We did some Googling and found some very clever limericks, including the below by humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane:  

Ambitious Techie

A techie served cookies malicious

To his team members. Talk about vicious!

A promotion he chased.

He was fired post-haste—

Just deserts for a guy so ambitious.


This one, posted by a member an Australian micro business community, also tickled our funny bone:

A programmer started to cuss Cos getting to sleep was a fuss As he lay in his bed, going round in his head was while (!asleep) sheep++

We also looked for some funny tech limericks closer to home, asking our customers to summarize their feelings for Bomgar in a series of rhyming couplets. Below are just a few of the responses we received:

Bomgar still tops the pack

With a stellar remote support stack

With tools such as these

Support is a breeze

And the IT team stays right on track!

(submitted by Aaron S.)


A wonderful tool is Bomgar

I can tell you man

It has in its tweaks enough tools for weeks

but I'm darned if I can tell you how the heck-it can.

(submitted by JD S.)


Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

BOMGAR is Orange and #1 too!

(submitted by Crystal P.)


Using Bomgar each day

Helps keep computer troubles away.

(submitted by Andrew B.)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—our customers are awesome (and, apparently, not too shabby in the poetry department!) If you want to try your hand at a Bomgar limerick, head on over to our Facebook page and leave your submission. Who knows, we might even feature you in a future blog post!