Sure, sudo has its place, but if you are “getting by” with sudo right now, you’re probably familiar with its legion of shortcomings. Perhaps, the only reason you’ve been putting up with the unsupported utility for this long is that it’s free. Free is wonderful. You don’t need to explain free to your organization’s purchasing team and business decision-makers. Except when free isn’t “free” at all. If you or your team regularly use sudo, you know it’s costing you in a number of ways – administrative complexity (policies typically need to be managed on each individual server), unsettling shortfalls in forensics and auditability (lack of file integrity monitoring, log security, etc.), and lack of enterprise support. With sudo, it’s virtually impossible to maintain best-practice security and compliance in all but the most primitive of IT environments. And, simply put, the stakes of inadequate privileged access controls are far too high. In this 2-minute video introducing the gold-standard solution for server privilege management (PowerBroker for Unix & Linux), discover how your enterprise can centralize and automate privileged access management (PAM) across your Unix / Linux environment, enforce granular controls, and achieve full session management and auditability, that easily scales to hundreds or thousands of servers. And, if you’re interested in learning how PowerBroker for Unix & Linux would fit in your environment, you may request a personalized demo today.