Today, we announced the latest version of Bomgar Remote Support, 18.1. This new release offers new usability and security improvements to enhance the overall user and customer experience. Customers receiving remote support will appreciate the updated look and feel of the Customer Client, creating a more natural support experience for end users. The modern chat interface feels more familiar, with a simpler layout and easy-to-use controls. The support rep’s profile picture (or their initials) will be visible beside chat messages, focusing the attention on the conversation and building trust between support teams and users. 

Before and after - enhancements to Bomgar's Customer Client

Jump Client upgrades will now upgrade faster than ever before, significantly improving the ease of managing large numbers of unattended systems. Once a subsequent version of Bomgar is installed, technicians can see which Jump Clients are already upgraded and can begin accessing them right away. When a Jump Client is waiting for its upgrade, technicians can modify properties without having to wait for the upgrade to complete.

Bomgar Remote Support 18.1 also includes updates to help organizations meet their GDPR initiatives, such as demonstrating consent for personal data collection and complying with Right to Erasure requests when connecting to a machine where personal data may be seen or collected. These updates include:

Bomgar 18.1 includes updates to help organizations meet their GDPR initiatives

Organizations today are now having to implement security strategies and policies to defend against cyber threats more than ever before. Industry compliance regulations continue to tighten, yet the workload on IT support teams only continues to increase. Bomgar is committed to providing highly secure remote access solutions, so that organizations can efficiently support users and systems without putting critical data at risk.

Bomgar is the one secure solution for all of your remote support needs. Get more details at:

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Donald Hasson

Director of ITSM Product Management at Bomgar

As Director of ITSM Product Management, Donald works with a variety of stakeholders in the product development lifecycle to help drive product strategy and enhancements across Bomgar’s ITSM product line. Donald brings more than decade of experience to Bomgar in various aspects of systems engineering, product management, and design at startups and large organizations. Prior to joining Bomgar, Donald was a systems engineer at a wireless startup company, and prior to that at Honeywell Aerospace on a team building the first GPS navigation system for the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.