Today we announced the latest release of Privileged Identity. The product features enhanced integrations with Privileged Access, as well as improved manageability over SSH keys and Linux systems. Privileged Identity is a rebranded and updated version of the award-winning Enterprise Random Password Manager solution from Lieberman Software, which we acquired earlier this year.

You can learn more about the new Privileged Identity in the press release.

Today’s advanced cyberattacks can bypass conventional perimeter security and covertly infiltrate IT networks, and often exploit unsecured privileged credentials to move anonymously between systems and extract an organization’s sensitive data.

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Remote access is one of the most common pathway used during cyberattacks, and nearly every data breach involves stolen privileged credentials.

Privileged Identity contains cyberattacks that penetrate the network perimeter by securing the privileged credentials needed to gain access to IT assets. It continuously discovers privileged accounts throughout the cross-platform enterprise and automatically randomizes the credentials for each account at substantial speed and scale. Even if a hacker harvests a credential, the threat is contained because the stolen credential is time-limited and cannot be used to further expand the attack in the environment.

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Our Privileged Access Management solutions defeat cyber threats by allowing IT and security professionals to control access to critical systems while also managing and securing the privileged credentials for those accounts.

In addition to helping mitigate the damage caused by cyberattacks, Privileged Identity increases the productivity of IT staff. It operates automatically on an ongoing basis to eliminate time-consuming manual IT tasks, such as frequently updating privileged credentials in large enterprise environments.

New Features in Bomgar Privileged Identity

The new version of Privileged Identity enables the following:

  • Integrated Administration: Users can be added in bulk to Group Memberships in both the Privileged Access and Privileged Identity products.
  • SSH keys Injection: With just one click, users can inject SSH Keys managed by Privileged Identity through a Privileged Access session.
  • Enhanced Linux Support: Further scale the product to manage and secure servers in large Linux environments.
  • Enhanced API: Extend Privileged Identity’s APIs to allow automatic rotation of passwords checked in to Privileged Access.

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