Does your company have a security culture? This question, asked by keynote speaker and Google Security Engineer Parisa Tabriz, was met with a lot of vigorous head shaking. This response in the room told the story of what IT and security departments face every day: the tension between security and productivity.

As another speaker put it, “Business models often clash with security models.” What does this really mean? For many companies, IT and security groups are often seen as business inhibitors. And when employees complain that IT processes are slowing them down and making it harder to meet their goals, business leaders often choose to put security second. IT security often becomes politicized – who has budget, priority, or the loudest voice?

A true “security culture” means not only shifting the mindset of a company’s employees towards security, but also providing tools that enable security without hindering productivity.

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Last week at the annual Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas, the Bomgar team exhibited and presented strategies for fostering security to stand up to today’s threats, without having to sacrifice productivity. Two of biggest problems in security today are the dual threats of remote access and privileged credentials. Legacy access solutions, such as “all or nothing” VPNs, no longer provide the protection required. Coupled with poor practices for securing privileged credentials, it’s critical for organizations today to develop a comprehensive strategy for securing their networks and most critical assets.

Bomgar Products Designed with Security at the Forefront

Businesses today must not only meet increasingly stringent company security policies, but many are also subject to industry compliance mandates such as HIPAA or PCI. With Bomgar, security professionals can control and monitor remote privileged access and privileged accounts while also empowering authorized users to perform their duties. Learn more on how our products can help your organization meet security goals:

Anyone with remote access to systems and privileged credentials are a prime target for cyberattacks. Bomgar allows employees and vendors to access systems and support people easily, while protecting credentials and endpoints from threats. Start building your security culture today with Bomgar!