BeyondTrust BeyondInsight and Password Safe, powered by PowerBroker, introduces improved workflows, updates to the cloud infrastructure, and a new brand identity, with the release of version 6.9.

Password Safe unifies privileged password and privileged session management, providing secure discovery, management, auditing, and monitoring for any privileged account.

Here’s a brief round-up of what’s new with the release of version 6.9:

Onboarding Disconnected Domain Accounts

Often, assets managed within Password Safe are part of disconnected or segmented networks that have limited connectivity rules defined. In these cases, the asset may be available, but the domain of the privileged account is not exposed. The updated workflow for onboarding accounts will enable administrators to provide access to domain accounts without requiring connectivity to the domain controller itself.

Cloud proxy

Password Safe appliances are generally deployed within a restricted security zone of an organization’s network. If those restrictions include requiring a proxy to connect to resources outside of the corporate network, proxy settings can be defined in the appliance configuration settings. Now, the Password Safe cloud connectors are able to leverage those same proxy settings to manage your cloud infrastructure.

API Updates

Each release of Password Safe continues to build on the open API’s available when automating or integrating with other parts of your infrastructure. Version 6.9 adds new APIs for grouping synced accounts, as well as updated filtering to the APIs for retrieving managed accounts.


We continue to emphasize enhancements that further boost the performance and usability of the admin interface. By transitioning more sections to new technologies, the admin interface is more responsive and intuitive. Special attention has also been paid to how lists of assets and accounts are generated and filtered, resulting in increased productivity, which becomes even more pronounced at-scale.

Updated Brand

PowerBroker Password Safe is now simply Password Safe! We are excited to share a new brand identity that aims to make Password Safe more accessible to our users. In this release, you will have a first look at some of the design considerations that went into evolving the user experience and incorporating new brand elements.

SailPoint Integration

A new technology integration between BeyondTrust Password Safe and SailPoint IdentityIQ gives organizations the visibility and centralized control they need to govern access to their privileged accounts.

The integration leverages the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API for provisioning users and managing group-based access controls, This offers organizations a more granular view into the privileged entitlements users have through integration points unique to privileged access management (PAM) systems, and enables bringing these privileged entitlements into the broader identity governance processes. This allows the automated provisioning of privileged accounts to new end users who require them based on their job function, group memberships, or business role. And it lets managers recertify or remove unnecessary privileged accounts on a periodic and/or event-driven basis.

These new features expand upon the already industry-leading capabilities of BeyondTrust Password Safe!

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