In the run up to Black Hat, hugely successful Defendpoint solution drives US expansion

Having announced record financial results following the launch of its unique Defendpoint suite, security software company Avecto will be showcasing the innovative technology at this year's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

A world first, Defendpoint uniquely combines the three technologies of Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing to stop malware at the endpoint.

Sales for Avecto's latest financial year exceeded $27 million, resulting in a 70% increase over the previous financial year. Such is the success of the technology in the US market, that sales in the territory now account for 50% of total revenues with almost 50,000 endpoints already adopting Avecto's new Sandboxing technology since launch.

To support rising demand, Avecto has also expanded its US presence from its central office in Boston, MA to cover eight states, with field sales and professional services consultants now regionalized.

The success of Defendpoint reflects the emergence of Sandboxing as a critical element in the fight against the growing threats posed by advanced cyber attacks. In a recent global survey, Sandboxing was found to be a standout defense strategy against malware, with 92% of respondents viewing it as an effective method to mitigate threats.

"With Defendpoint's capabilities, we want to prove to the security community that prevention is possible," said Paul Kenyon, EVP at Avecto. "The demand we are experiencing in the few months since the launch of Defendpoint in the US market is outstanding, and indicative of a shift in mindset that we’re seeing.

For too long we've seen companies rely on passive and outdated tools, like detection technologies and antivirus. Many vendors talk about their ability to detect malware on the endpoint but surely the best approach is to prevent malware executing on the endpoint in the first place?

"To continue to stay a step ahead of the threat landscape we have to continuously innovate, something we've succeed in doing year after year. It's testament to this that we plan to double our revenue growth once again next year and we have an exciting future vision that will see us deliver on this strategy."