Avecto, a specialist in privilege management software, has been featured in the 31st edition of the influential SANS Critical Security Controls poster.

Avecto's Privilege Guard solution was featured in two categories: Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Software (Application Whitelisting) and Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges.

SANS, the world's largest source for information security training and security certification, provides annual updates to its Critical Security Controls. Developed and verified by the Council on CyberSecurity, the poster outlines a recommended set of actions and respective solution providers that most effectively combat the latest cyber threats.

Both categories that feature Avecto are highlighted by SANS as their "First Five" quick wins, typically prioritized by security-aware organizations as they provide significant and immediate risk reduction against common attacks.

"Many businesses are following the recommendations of SANS and the Council on Cyber Security as a framework for improving their overall security posture and we would advocate this approach," said Andrew Avanessian, EVP of Consultancy and Technology Services at Avecto.

"Today's cyber threats are constantly evolving, forcing businesses to continually adapt their defenses. Removing admin privileges lays the foundation for a defense-in-depth approach - and, coupled with application whitelisting capabilities, creates an essential mitigation strategy against targeted cyber-attacks.

"Given SANS' position as a leader in information security training, we're extremely pleased to be recognized as a solution provider that is leading the way on critical security controls."

Avecto's Privilege Guard solution allows global organizations to achieve a state of least privilege on the endpoint, enabling security professionals to remove administrator rights whilst elevating privileges as needed to only those applications that require them. Because the majority of malware requires administrator rights to execute, this form of endpoint defense offers high levels of protection while freeing users from security barriers.