The UK has voted to leave the EU following the county's referendum on June 23rd.

Reacting to the news, Paul Kenyon, Co-CEO and co-founder of Avecto said:

“I firmly believe we are stronger in Europe, so the outcome of yesterday’s EU referendum is both a shock and a disappointment. The result is made more frustrating when you consider that Manchester and neighbouring cities such as Liverpool and Leeds all voted to remain as part of the EU.

“It will be some time before the full implications of this vote come to the surface, but I expect it to have a knock on effect not only on the confidence of the business community but potentially dent many of the ambitions we have as a region.

“That said, the people of the UK have spoken, and what we need now is a clear plan of action and a period of stability to make the transition to independence as positive as it can be. We need to ensure initiatives like the Northern Powerhouse are still brought to life to help deliver more growth in the north.”