Independent Analyst Firm Recommends that Large Enterprises Implement Avecto's Privilege Guard.

Avecto, the leader in Windows privilege management, today announced that it has been featured in a Technology Audit report by independent analyst firm Ovum. The report, written by Tim Stammers, covers least privilege management, detailing Avecto's Privilege Guard 2.6 solution.

Avecto Privilege Guard enables IT organizations to deploy secure and compliant Windows desktops, without compromising a user's ability to perform their day to day role. With Privilege Guard, users are empowered with the privileges they require, which leads to increased productivity and a reduction in desktop support costs. Privilege Guard eliminates the need to assign admin rights to users and allows enterprises to dynamically assign these rights to applications, tasks and scripts. By enabling users to log on to Windows desktops and servers with minimal rights, Privilege Guard empowers them to execute their role effectively, while increasing security, simplifying compliance with industry regulations, and reducing support costs.

In the report, Ovum recommends implementing a policy of least privilege management as a way to ensure organizations minimize exposure to risk and improve their security posture. Ultimately, the report suggests that using a software solution, such as Avecto Privilege Guard, will allow organizations to grant user privileges in a more flexible way.

According to Tim Stammers, the report's lead author, "Businesses with 1,000 end users or more should consider including Privilege Guard as part of their standard desktop build." Stammers goes on to say that, "As well as lowering the cost of desktop support, Privilege Guard increases desktop security and has very strong prospects of delivering rapid return on investment."

The report also compares Privilege Guard to User Account Control (UAC) with a focus on its capabilities for implementing least privilege management in the enterprise. "Unlike UAC, Privilege Guard enables users to log on with a standard user account and does not require them to have access to an administrative account. It works seamlessly with UAC and will eliminate inappropriate UAC prompts. It allows granular adjustments of the rights granted to individual applications and end users."

"We are honored to be included in Ovum's report. It provides strong validation for the strength of our solution and our position as the market leader in delivering Windows privilege management," said Tony Bolland, CEO of Avecto. "Avecto is dedicated to helping organizations secure their desktops through the effective management of admin rights in their Windows environments whether physical or virtual. Increasingly as organisations migrate to Microsoft's latest operating system, we continue to help them achieve the 'least risk' Windows 7 desktop."

Update: Privilege Guard is now Defendpoint

Privilege Guard has now evolved into the new security suite, Defendpoint, which encompasses Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing. For more information, please visit