Avecto, a leader in endpoint privilege management software, today announced that Info Security Products Guide named Avecto a winner in the "Company Milestone of the Year" category for introducing the fastest and smartest version of Defendpoint to date. This prestigious award recognizes cybersecurity and information technology companies with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions and services that are helping set the bar high within the security industry.

Organizations continue to struggle with security challenges and remain unware that the removal of admin rights can mitigate many security threats. The annual Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report found that the removal of admin rights could mitigate 80 percent of all Critical Microsoft vulnerabilities reported in 2017. With Avecto's Defendpoint, organizations can create a balance between employee productivity and enterprise security by leveraging best-in-class privilege management and application control.

"I'm honored to lead an organization that is dedicated to securing enterprises and simplifying security," said Mark Austin, CEO and Co-Founder of Avecto. "In today's evolving threat landscape, it's crucial to provide employees with the ability to stay productive while not compromising security. InfoSec PG's recognition is a testament to the work our team has done to protect more than 8 million users across the globe."

By making the removal of administrative rights simple and scalable across Windows desktops, Macs, and servers, Defendpoint transforms the experience of organizations aiming to achieve a least privilege environment. To receive a demo, visit https://engage.avecto.com/demo-defendpoint.