Avecto - a leader in Windows privilege management, today released further details of the integration of McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) software with Avecto Privilege Guard 3.0.

The joint offering provides a complete privilege management solution for securing and protecting endpoints, from a single console, without having to compromise on end user productivity. Privilege Guard's seamless integration with McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management platform allows all joint customers to adopt least privilege - an essential part of a desktop security strategy.

Avecto's Privilege Guard solution enables IT departments to delegate privileges to individual applications and tasks, eliminating the need to grant administrative rights to users. This state of 'least privilege' means that all users log on using a standard user account and are provided with the minimum rights to perform their roles, based on the applications they use and the tasks they perform. As Avecto shares a number of large enterprise customers with McAfee, there was a natural requirement for Privilege Guard auditing events to be consolidated into reports created by the McAfee ePO platform.

"By implementing products such as Privilege Guard from Avecto, that are compatible with McAfee solutions, our customers experience faster deployment times and reduced costs," said Ed Barry, vice president of the Security Innovation Alliance, McAfee. "As privilege management is an important part of a desktop security strategy, we believe that this integration will bring significant benefits to our mutual customers."

"We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers, and on listening to them in order to give them what they need to secure their environments. Increasingly we found our customers understood the importance of least privilege but wanted the convenience of a single solution. As Privilege Guard now integrates with the ePolicy Orchestrator platform, this allows them to do exactly that," explains Mark Austin, Avecto's co-founder and chief technology officer. "Since McAfee software is deployed to over 60 million endpoints worldwide, this also represents a significant market opportunity for Avecto."

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Platform Integration Pack

The ePolicy Orchestrator software provides an extensible architecture for managing McAfee and integrated third party security solutions. With over 45,000 customers managing nearly 60 million endpoints, it is widely regarded as the most advanced and scalable security management software in the industry. The McAfee ePO Platform Integration Pack enables Privilege Guard to integrate with McAfee ePO software to deliver enhanced visibility through a single tool. Events, collected on the endpoints and uploaded to the McAfee database, can be used as part of overall desktop security and compliance auditing, forensic analysis of threat events, and tracking of end user privilege usage and behaviour. This aids defining policies that give users the exact privileges they require to perform their role, without compromising security.

Four default dashboards summarise all privileged activity depending on the area of focus, and can be consolidated with reports from other McAfee products. Users can drilldown on the graphs within each dashboard to view detailed application reports, displaying granular application and user data, which can be used to create or refine policies, and even facilitate rapid response to sudden or unexpected behaviour. If preferable, it is also possible to create customised dashboards and reports within McAfee ePO software.

Avecto are continuing to push the boundaries when it comes to Windows privilege management, as this latest integration shows.

Update: Privilege Guard is now Defendpoint

Privilege Guard has now evolved into the new security suite, Defendpoint, which encompasses Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing. For more information, please visit www.avecto.com/defendpoint.