Endpoint security software firm, Avecto will announce its McAfee DXL integration at the Intel Security FOCUS 15 Conference, taking place October 26-28, 2015 in Las Vegas.

Brian Hanrahan, Product Manager at Avecto, will be a featured presenter, speaking at FOCUS on Tuesday, October 27, delivering two sessions on collaboration and proactive prevention in the security space.

"Avecto's vision for coordinated proactive security is a natural fit with Intel Security’s Data eXchange Layer (DXL) so it's great to have the opportunity at FOCUS to speak about those synergies" said Hanrahan.

"The key to this with Avecto is a combination of role-based policies or 'Workstyles' with superb exception handling. When exceptions occur, users are provided with clear guidance and security engineers benefit from enriched, contextually important data via DXL. As new application risks come to light, Avecto policies are adjusted accordingly - allowing users to work freely while enjoying the benefits of a computer hardened against undetected threats."

With this announcement, Hanrahan's first session, "Collaboration is king: Building bridges to improve security" will address the flaws of traditional security practices favoring isolation, where one security technology never communicates with the other. As Gartner now advocates the use of contextual decision making as part of a proactive defense strategy, Hanrahan will look at the power of connected security, explaining how Avecto's integration with McAfee's DXL network is building bridges to a more secure enterprise.

The second session, "Prevention is possible: Learn how a proactive approach to security can stop an advanced attack dead," will provide a walkthrough of an advanced attack - exposing the risks and solutions associated with user privilege, data loss and malicious applications. Hanrahan will demonstrate how proactive security measures can be leveraged to create simple yet highly effective defense against threats from zero days to ransomware.

Meet Avecto at Intel Security FOCUS 15 Conference by visiting booth 104.

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