This month, Bomgar is presenting at security events in New York City, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. Sam Elliott, director of security product management at Bomgar, will lead sessions featuring steps for securing access for privileged insiders and vendors. Many organizations trying to secure privileged access for employees or vendors focus solely on the privileged credentials or identities, which is only half the battle. Securing the access pathways is just as vital to protecting critical systems and data from cyber threats. Elliott will outline six steps that organizations need to take to secure privileged access, while simultaneously improving business productivity.

See this “Six Steps to Secure Access for Privileged Insiders and Vendors” presentation at:

Earlier this year, Bomgar released its Secure Access Threat Report, which revealed insider and third-party access to be growing threats for organizations around the world. The survey of more than 600 IT and security professionals explores the visibility, control, and management that IT organizations in the US and Europe have over employees, contractors, and third-party vendors with privileged access to their IT networks. For more details and findings, download the full report.  For a preview of Elliott’s presentations this month, listen to this podcast on how to secure the access and credentials for privileged accounts.