Adhering to the ISO 27002 Security Framework

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining and improving information security management in an organization. The objectives outlined in ISO 27002 provide general guidance on the commonly accepted goals of information security management. ISO 2700 security management can serve as a practical guideline for developing organizational security standards and effective security management practices.

For organizations that have adopted ISO 27002:2013(E), it is important that all existing and new security solutions map into this framework. This standard contains 14 security control clauses containing a total of 35 main security categories and 114 security controls.

Whether an organization’s objective is to achieve legislative compliance or to adopt security best practices, these controls apply to most organizations and in most environments.

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How can privileged access management and vulnerability management help achieve compliance with ISO 27002 requirements?

Privileged access management and vulnerability management play key roles in adhering to the ISO 27002 standard. BeyondTrust solutions address parts of 12 security control clauses, 29 security control categories, and 74 security controls in the standard.

For a summary of how BeyondTrust solutions map into the specific control clauses, please see below.

How do BeyondTrust’s solutions help address these ISO 27002 requirements?

For a complete explanation of how each BeyondTrust solution addresses ISO 27002 requirements, please download the white paper, "Mapping BeyondTrust Solutions to ISO 27002". The paper not only includes detailed product mappings down to the lowest level of the framework, but it also includes reporting available in Retina Enterprise Vulnerability Management to prove it.

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