jeremy-moskowitzRemember the Windows 95 Recycle Bin? It was a big leap forward to recovering "deleted" files. Well, it turns out that Active Directory has it's own Recycle Bin for users, groups and computers, and it's called... wait for it.. the Active Directory Recycle Bin. Here's the good news about the Active Directory Recycle bin: * It can solve and get you out of a myriad of deletion scenarios. * You likely have everything you need to use it. * It's not hard to use, if you know what you're doing. The Active Directory recycle bin builds upon something that existed in Active Directory back in the way old days: Tombstone Reanimation. But the Active Directory Recycle Bin is distinctly different, and as such has it's own toolkit and necessary know how. For instance, you need to learn: * How to turn it on. * How to use it: Via Powershell and/or Graphic utilities. * When it works as it should, and also when it's not the best choice to use. * What it's limitations are. It starts out by having the right domain mode and the right management station ready to go; which isn't hard. Again, you likely already have the configuration you need. I don't want to blow my whole story here, so for the rest of the details, I hope you'll join me at my upcoming webinar with my friends at BeyondTrust, Jan 7th at 10AM PT/1PM EST. There, you'll be able to see me talk about the Active Directory Recycle bin and get to ask me questions, live about the content or anything else on your mind. Seriously though, if you haven't had time to get warmed up in the Active Directory Recycle Bin, this short webinar will get you the experience you need and get you started 10 minutes after we're done chatting. Sign up now >> See you there!